About Us

The Baseball 7 On 7 League (League 7)


The Baseball 7 On 7 League (League 7) is an independent professional baseball league that connects innovative technology with exciting baseball. The League 7 operates as a single-entity model with all its franchises owned by the league.

Each League 7 franchise operates independently but connects interdependently.  Franchise members apply league directives of stadium construction, technology integration, data collection, gamification, marketing, and baseball operations to create a unique model of baseball entertainment.


The mission of the Baseball 7 On 7 League is to create affordable family entertainment that engages fans through quality baseball and state-of-the-art technology and builds strong community bonds.

Central to the mission of fan engagement is the integration of technology with baseball. Creating stimulating and challenging products to build on traditional connections with fans is essential to our mission.

The League 7 is “Where Baseball and Technology Connect!”