The Baseball 7 On 7 League
The principle of two or more teams sharing a single stadium for the purpose of reducing costs is known as groundshare.

In order to increase margins with home attendance dates, League 7 groundshare allows two or more teams to operate as one franchise within one facility. Historically, the obstacles for minor league and independent league baseball franchises has been navigating attendance with already tight operating margins. Today’s minor league operator boosts attendance through carnival rides, creative giveaways or post-game concerts; however, League 7 sees these efforts as only reinforcing a frontal assault on the game itself.

We believe the answer to increase attendance is not only through technology engagement but by creating more home games. Most professional minor and independent leagues average from 29 to 70 home games per season and summer collegiate baseball leagues average about 27 home games. Unfortunately, “home” games only account for half of weekend dates, which are prime days for sporting events. Research reveals that weekend games increase average attendance from weekday games anywhere between 20% to 54%. Thus, using the groundshare strategy, franchises can take advantage of weekend games every weekend while traditional operating models can only have home weekend games half of the season.

Through groundshare, League 7 franchises will have continuous weekend venues over the course of 23 weeks during the summer and some may even support double header weekends throughout the season. With an average schedule of 140 home games at all ABL ballparks, this would be 70 more games than the top independent league (Atlantic). Using 2018 average attendance of 2,703 fans per game from each of four top independent leagues (Atlantic, American Association, CanAm, Frontier), the League 7 would potentially increase market attendance over 189,000 with 70 additional home games to a season total over 378,000.

This, of course, assumes using only traditional baseball marketing to attract fans and does not account for League 7’s technology to further enhance attendance.

The league model of predictive gamification, technology engagement and traditional team connections would far outpace margins associated with current leagues. The mechanics of groundshare are further detailed on the League 7 “N1” Page.