The Baseball 7 On 7 League (League 7)

       Building on the concept of “Groundshare”, the “N1” designation denotes two or more teams in one ballpark under one           franchise.

      The N1 formula was first pioneered in 2016 by the United Shores Professional Baseball League (USPBL) under the                    direction of sports marketing expert, Andy Appleby who operates a “4N1” model of four teams in his Utica, Michigan            ballpark.

      Housing four teams under one roof proved not only innovative but established a pro forma that included better                   operating margins, no travel costs, all weekend games and more fan entertainment opportunities.

      The League 7 believes cost saving measures of travel while creating more “special event” weekend home dates is an                important direction for sports management in the post-pandemic world.

      The League 7 offers its franchises “2N1”, “3N1” or “4N1” opportunities depending on market variables. The primary                 consideration of an N1 franchise is a regional demographic study that would support each designation.