Pablo Tesouro

Pablo Tesouro, The Argentine Baseball League (LAB)

The Argentine Baseball League (LAB, Spanish: Liga Argentina de Béisbol) is set to incorporate the 7-player concept when 2021 play begins in Cordoba, Argentina according to LAB founder and president, Pablo Tesouro.

The LAB has witnessed steady growth since 2018 and is increasing awareness of baseball in soccer dominant Argentina.

The 7-player game offers a new tool for player development because it emphasizes balls in play and defensive stretching.

A graduate of Missouri State, Tesouro is a successful businessman in his resident Buenos Aires. His love for baseball led to his formation of the LAB and is positioning Argentina on the international stage.

The growth of baseball in deep South America has benefited with the Japanese influence in Brazil which is a strong competitor of Argentina.

Tesouro understands the uphill climb he has embarked upon but is convinced the 7-player game can assist in the development of baseball in underdeveloped baseball countries.