New Jersey publisher, Summer Game Books is finalizing a first edition guide to seven-player baseball according to the creator of the seven-player game, Joel Bradley. “It is an exciting development, one that I believe will open new doors for people to learn about the game”, said Bradley. “I signed a two-book deal with Summer Game Books in 2021 after several conversations with Walter Friedman (Summer Game Books publisher). Walter has a great resume as a baseball book publisher and I’m very confident our association will only grow.”

The vision according to Bradley (a former international baseball scout with Baltimore) is to address major issues facing baseball today. He notes, “The number one problem facing baseball today is the aging demographic. The second is the heightened role of technocracy in player development. I believe firmly that seven-player baseball answers both issues.” While the Seven On Seven book is more manual than editorial according to Bradley, “It captures in diagrams and pictures the excitement of a fast-paced game. My second book, “Battle for the Soul of Baseball” explains the present, past, and future of baseball from my side of things. It is more of a contemporary look at baseball.”

Bradley expects the Seven On Seven Guide to be available at the beginning of this summer (2022).