Baseball 7 On 7 League (League 7)


The League 7 has pioneered the rearrangement of data to provide fans an advanced involvement with pitch-by-pitch action via its revolutionary “BaseballLIVE” application.

BaseballLIVE measures the likelihood of events prior to each pitch and affords fans, in real time, a never experienced engagement at the ballpark and at home with probability measurements and rewards.

This application can be accessed via smartphones, tablets or stadium display kiosks with sponsorship capabilities that elevate corporate brands. Once established, BaseballLIVE will create an exclusive economy allowing consumers the opportunity to accumulate points through probability engagement inside their BaseballLIVE accounts.

These accounts can then be monetized as commerce transactions online, at ballparks or entertainment villages throughout every team/league franchise.

The ability of patrons to monetize points from their probability accounts via concessions, merchandise, game tickets, events or with any vendor in the associated entertainment villages will dramatically increase sales and drive additional traffic to advertisers and subsequent team/league revenues. Understanding the ability to engage fans with action technology and to monetize its great capability is our focus.